Landlord Lettings

No matter what type of management it is, we welcome your questions and are only too happy to advise you on what option suits your needs best. Whether it’s simply sourcing a tenant for you, a rent collection only agreement, or a full management package, the decision is yours, and you really can be as involved as much as you like.

Stress Free Property Services

Tenant Management For Landlords

Rent Collection Service

This really is as simple as it sounds. Put us in touch with your tenant, inform them of what’s happening and we’ll do the rest i.e. pass our bank details to them and arrange for all future rental to be paid to us, whereupon, we then pass this over to you minus any agreed management fee.

Tenant Sourcing

We advertise your property on all major advertising portals, meet and vet any prospective tenants then, assuming all is satisfactory, we then take care of all paperwork(should you so wish), then pass your details on to them and vice-versa for you to assume the management of the tenancy. We can also arrange to do a key handover if required. Full Management – From the initial marketing of your property, including the full vetting process of prospective tenants, the drawing up and signing of all paperwork, moving your new tenant in and dealing with any issues that may arise with the property, we have you fully covered in every possible way. As with all other management options, we would agree on the management fee and deduct from your rental income.


Stress Free Property Services

Tenant Management For Landlords


We are delighted to offer a full management service, giving you piece of mind that your property is being well looked after and allowing you to be involved as little or as much as you wish. With years of experience behind us and coupling that with a fresh approach, we always strive to exceed client expectations.

A quick run down of our full management service would be;

The above is a very brief outline but in theory we shall be there to take care of anything that should arise. The key is to find a good quality tenant to avoid any problems therefore we don’t just go for the first tenant that comes along, it always makes sense to hold on and pick the correct one.